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Curtains, bedding, decorative pillows, apparel - anytime you need a lightweight yet strong fabric.


  • care: Washable in all temperatures, but we suggest cool water and cool air to prolong the life of your fabrics, their colors, and to save energy. Using cool wash and low dryer temperatures, Astoria will shrink about 5% in length and width. In hot temperatures, Astoria will shrink 10%; but just the first time it is washed.
  • certification: GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard
  • content: 100 % organic linen
  • weight: 6 oz yd2 / 207 gm m2
    Color oatmeal a bit heavier, the 3 other colors slightly lighter.
  • width: 54" / 137 cm

Why choose us?

We've done the work for you

Over the years, Patty and Leigh Anne dedicated tons of time researching ethical and sustainable production—how it’s done, and what the implications are to us (and to all living things)  and to our planet.  They even put it in their mission statement, a goal “to change the way textiles are being made” – kind of a reach for such an upstart little company, right?