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Blackout Fabric

SKU 4000-1

GRS Certified Blackout Fabric.


GRS, the Global Recycling Standard 

100% GRS certified post-consumer recycled polyester

58” / 147 cm


4.4 oz yd2 / 149 m2 


Pre-shrunk; If ironing needed, iron with a colo iron – this is untreated plastic and it will melt.


Drapery Liner, blackout curtains, media room drapery, apparel lining fabric, apparel of all sorts – dress, skirt etc.


Our Blackout fabric, although polyester, is GRS, The Global Recycled Standard, a third-party certification that guarantees that:

a. the percentage of recycled material claimed is actually true;
b. toxic chemicals are not used at any step in the recycling process;
c. thorough water treatment is required at each step of the production process (because even benign chemicals, like salt, if expelled in wastewater, will eventually destroy the local eco-
d. workers rights, and health and safety standards are maintained.

If you MUST use plastic fabric (human-made from petroleum), please insist on GRS certified fabric. There is a huge difference between recycled plastic and GRS recycled plastic. What are the differences? More about Global Recycled Standard.