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Two Sisters Ecotextiles - All Fabrics

All Fabrics

All fabrics in the Two Sisters Ecotextiles Collection. Our natural fiber fabrics, have been produced with careful attention to environmental sustainability factors all through the supply chain for interior spaces and apparel. None of our fabrics have harmful residual chemicals. Nor do they contribute to the microfiber shedding problem that is damaging our oceans.
Apparel - Coats and Rugged

Apparel - Coats and Rugged

Apparel fabric from Two Sisters Ecotextiles

Apparel - Dress / Shirt Weight

Fabric suitable for clothes: Dress and Shirt Weight. All of our fabrics are great choices for apparel, blankets, totes, bedding, everything, because we do not use plastic backings; or immersions, coatings, or finishes that you would never want near your skin.
Apparel fabrics image showing a variety of colors

Apparel Fabrics

Aren’t you an upholstery-drapery company?

That’s how we started, but all of our fabrics are great choices for apparel because we do not use plastic backings; or immersions, coatings, or finishes that you would never want near your skin.

Fabrics suitable for apparel creation are shown in the navigation for both Coats / Rugged as well as Dress / Shirt Weight.
Fabrics for the making of beddings.


Fabrics suitable for bed products such comforter or duvet covers, shams, coverlets, throws, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and end-of-bed runners.
Beddings - Sheets

Beddings - Sheets

Beddings - Top of Bed

Beddings - Top of Bed

Fabrics suitable for top of bed products such comforter or duvet covers, shams, coverlets, throws, end-of-bed runners.

Commodity Fabrics

Flannel and Muslin.
Drapery fabric from TwoSisters Ecotextiles



Drapery - Liners

Fabric for drapery liners. Options for aesthetics, protection from sun and moisture, to block out light, or as an insulation layer. 

Drapery - Sheer and semi sheer

Drapery - Sheers / Semi-Sheers

Drapery - Sheers and Semi-Sheers
Drapery fabric from Two Sisters Ecotextiles

Drapery - Warm Windows

Drapery fabric to keep the warmth in.
Facemask Fabrics

Facemask Fabrics



Home Accents and Gifts

Home Accents and Gifts

Tea towels, napkins, pillow covers.
Two Sisters Ecotextiles Napkins

Large Napkins


Lightweight / Medium

Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers

Complete Collection Sample Set

Sample Sets

Collection of our fabric sample sets: complete collection, heavyweight, and light to medium weight.
Small Napkins

Small Napkins



Fabrics suitable for the making of table top items—table cloths, table runners, placemats.
Tea Towels

Tea Towels

Upholstery - Heavy Duty

Upholstery - Heavy Duty

Heavy duty upholstery fabrics.
Upholstery - Occasional Use

Upholstery - Occasional Use

What do we mean by Occasional Use Upholstery?

These are our fabrics which are not up to the job of hotel lobbies or daily jumping on by kids and pets - but they are good for that chair in the corner of the living room that gets half the activity of your kids and pets sofa.
Upholstery Fabric for Slipcovers

Upholstery - Slipcovers

Slipcover fabrics need to have a high weight to strength ratio so that the slipcover is light enough for you to wash it in your home machines or carry to a cleaner.

If the fabric you want to use is not pre-shrunk, you’ll want to wash before fabrication to take all the shrinkage out before fabrication. (There is no reason to wash our fabric before use except to remove shrinkage. We use no chemicals of concern at any step from field to finished fabric, so there is nothing to wash out.)

Upholstery Fabrics by Two Sisters Ecotextiles

Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery fabrics that are luxurious, safe, durable, and environmentally sustainable. Fabric for your life. Safe enough for your newborn. Sophisticated enough for your mother-in-law. Tough enough for the after school gang.

Viscose Fabrics

Viscose is a regenerated cellulosic fiber made from cellulose, most commonly wood pulp, but many plants can be used, such as bamboo. It is not a synthetic fiber. It is not made from petroleum. We’d like to eradicate synthetic fabrics altogether. Offering viscose is a step forward in this direction. See our website page on viscose to learn more. The fabrics in our Viscose Blend Collection shown below are just the beginning. We'll be carrying more soon.