Care Instructions - Methow

Methow is a fabric which is produced to the Global Organic Textile Standard which wisely forbids the use of “crease resistant” finishes that are standard on non-organic velvets. Our organic cotton velvet is a sturdy upholstery fabric; but it requires proper handling by you and the workroom  to prevent unnecessary crushing that will require work to restore. 

Please do note that the fabric is not delicate. If the fabric is crushed it can be restored by ironing on the opposite of the pile side or by steaming and then brushing. With proper handling, this additional work can be avoided.

Upon receipt please remove the plastic and inspect the fabric, as usual. Do not store on end and do not stack other rolls on top of Methow rolls. Our Methow must not be stored vertically, on its end, because this causes creases which can be difficult to remove.

Newly made velvet products usually need time to adjust to the humidity after unpacking. The pile will lift, improving the richness and the luster of the velvet.  Methow is made from 100% natural fibers which react to the humidity in the room. They are not synthetics which do not breathe.   No matter how carefully the velvet is packaged, crushing in transit can happen. If any pressure marking happens continues to persist, a light steaming or gentle brushing in the direction of the pile should solve the problem. 

Should a heavy object be placed on it, the pile will crush.   This type of crushing usually disappears after a month or so as the fabric becomes conditioned, but if not, additional careful steaming and brushing to lift the pile is necessary. 

In order to maintain the luxurious look and to extend wearability to a maximum, we suggest  the use of  a 100% natural fiber (cotton) sheeting or cheesecloth or muslin underlayment under Methow.   Do NOT use synthetic material as an underlayment. 

Pile UP or Pile Down 
For upholstery we do recommend pile down.  We also recommend pile down for draperies, although pile up is fine as long as all of the fabric is oriented the same direction. 

For all applications, it is very important that whichever orientation is chosen – pileup or pile down – that all panels be oriented the same way. 

When shipping finished drapes, please use lots of  padding material to prevent creases. Line and, if possible,  interline, curtains.  

Fine velvets should always be professionally cleaned.