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Fabric and impact

You can have a profound positive impact on the health of all living things through your fabric choices.

Profound? Really?

Yes. The textile industry is resource intensive, polluting, and toxic. We want to change that.

Two Sisters Ecotextiles produces textiles which have been created (both fiber and the production of the cloth) with careful attention to six critical categories with which we try to capture all issues of environmental and human safety:

  1. Impact upon the environment
  2. Impact upon human and animal health and safety - including toxicity and animal husbandry.
  3. Carbon Footprint
  4. Social Justice
  5. Water Treatment
  6. End of Life

In order to produce fabrics safe enough to use for your newborn, we have tried to both identify and to address every harmful aspect of the textile industry. We have  carefully considered the health and ecological concerns with the fabrics we offer. 

Two Sisters Ecotextiles are made from a variety of fibers including hemp, flax (linen), abaca, ramie, and viscose from bamboo.

The textiles are produced using manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain with social responsibility in mind, that eliminate the use of chemicals which have been proven to cause a myriad of human illnesses, and produces wastewater safe for aquatic –indeed all - life.

With our fabrics, you will not be contributing to the microfiber shedding problem in our waters.

Our fabrics are third-party compliant or certified to meet either the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Here are some of the questions we asked over the years and what we have found out.

Please note: We are not scientists, so sometimes we get it wrong. This is a conversation. Let us know if you have something else to offer. We believe in honesty. We hope you will reward us by supporting us through your purchases.