Our Story

Two Sisters Ecotextiles is run by … well, two sisters, Patty Grossman and Leigh Anne Van Dusen.   

Almost 20 years ago Leigh Anne was looking for fabric to reupholster her sofa.  She found fabrics that were sophisticated, but not environmentally friendly; or “green” (mostly recycled polyester – actually a poor green choice), but not stylish.  Even the fabrics claiming to be “organic” were processed with chemicals that were harmful to people and the planet - and many of those chemicals remain in the fabric.

Since Leigh couldn’t find a company that was creating entirely safe but gorgeous  fabrics using organic or sustainable methods and using zero plastic (polyester, nylon, etc), she enlisted her sister, Patty, and together they formed Two Sisters Ecotextiles, to “change the way textiles are being made.”

When the sisters' fabric collection debuted at Decorex in 2007, the fabrics won “Best Merchandise” from House & Garden magazine.  Patty and Leigh Anne  were called “Eco-Warriors” by The Guardian newspaper in London, England.  In 2008  their fabrics were  named one of the top 10 green products by Environmental Building News and GreenSpec, the oracle of the green building industry.  Since then these safe fabrics have  been used by interior designers around the world for upholstery, drapery, wallpaper, headboards, duvet covers, bedskirts and more. 

Over the years, Patty and Leigh Anne dedicated tons of time researching ethical and sustainable production—how it’s done, and what the implications are to us (and to all living things)  and to our planet.  They even put it in their mission statement, a goal “to change the way textiles are being made” – kind of a reach for such an upstart little company, right?  

They had  been working since the early 2000’s to put what they learned into developing fabrics that are affordable for everyone.

The result of that long slog is this site.

More than anything, Patty and Leigh want producers to come clean about what our fabric choices can do to us and to  provide fabrics that won’t compromise our – and our children’s – health.

But let them tell you in their own words:

"We know of no other fabric collection which is founded on this basic premise:  that we will sell only fabrics that are safe to use.  Unlike some companies which have green “collections” among their other fabrics which can (and do) negatively impact our waters, our air and our health, Two Sisters makes the promise that your safety and your future is our concern.  And unlike many other fabric companies that claim eco attributes, but then generalize about being “natural”, offering no specifics, Two Sisters will tell you the complete life story of each fabric, every facet of production."

At Two Sisters, you'll find only the highest quality fibers that are woven to the same standards as conventional textiles.  They pass the same performance tests and are dyed in a beautiful palette of sophisticated colors. 

All of us  live intimately with fabrics each day.  Fabrics are all around us.  Your fabric choices are incredibly important. You can have a dramatic positive impact on greening our world and keeping your family optimally healthy through your fabric choices. We want you to be confident that the fabrics you choose will ensure your health and happiness – not undermine it. 

And isn’t it important to know that your choices will keep the promise to our children – yours and mine -  that we’ll leave them a vibrant, diverse world? 

Our Guiding Principles: Safety and Transparency