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Eco Facts

Palouse, the fabric, is 100% wool felt, made from virgin Uruguayan wool from free range sheep which were humanely raised: the sheep are certified non-mulesed. Mulesing is a cruel and extremely painful practice, which is the cheapest method to protect sheep from flystrike. Learn more about mulesing here

The Fabric Name

The Palouse region was once an extensive prairie in the northwest region of the United States, composed of mid-length perennial grasses such as Bluebunch wheatgrass and Idaho fescue. Today virtually all of the Palouse prairie is planted in agricultural crops. The native prairie is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the United States, and only a little over one percent of the original prairie still exists.


apparel, drapery, upholstery


  • abrasion test results: 80,000 Martindale
  • care: Washable in cool water; line or air dry. Shrinkage 3% in width and 7% in length.
  • certification: Oeko-Tex 100
  • content: 100% non-mulesed wool
  • railroaded: No directionality
  • weight: 14.5 oz yd2 / 492 gm m2
  • width: 54" / 137 cm

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Over the years, Patty and Leigh Anne dedicated tons of time researching ethical and sustainable production—how it’s done, and what the implications are to us (and to all living things)  and to our planet.  They even put it in their mission statement, a goal “to change the way textiles are being made” – kind of a reach for such an upstart little company, right?