Mottled Linen
Mottled Linen
Mottled Linen


Like all of our linen, Mottled Linen is made of long fibers. The linen fibers are not chopped into the small lenths of cotton so that it ican be run on cotton or synthetic fiber spinners and looms.

Eco Facts

Oeko-Tex 100

The Fabric Name

The name simply descirbes the effect of the dye.


Mostly upholstery.


  • abrasion test results: 40,000 Martindale
  • care: Washable only in cool temperatures. We recommend frequent vacuuming and infrequent green cleaning.
  • certification: Oeko-Tex 100
  • content: 100% long fiber linen
  • directionality:


  • weight:

    16 oz yd2 / 543 gm m2

  • width: 54" / 137 cm

Why choose us?

We've done the work for you

Over the years, Patty and Leigh Anne dedicated tons of time researching ethical and sustainable production—how it’s done, and what the implications are to us (and to all living things)  and to our planet.  They even put it in their mission statement, a goal “to change the way textiles are being made” – kind of a reach for such an upstart little company, right?