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Kalama Long Fiber Linen by Two Sisters Ecotextiles




  • certification: Oeko-Tex 100
  • content: 100% long fiber, organic linen
  • weight: 3.5 oz yd2 / 119 gm m2
  • width: 54" / 137 cm


Pre-shrunk for any temperature washing. Linen loves to be washed, and gets softer with washing.


A sheer long fiber linen plain weave fabric. Kalama is a whisper weight linen. It looks diaphanous but Kalama is very strong! Stunning for drapery and especially romantic for your canopy bed..., scarves, summer blankets, apparel.

Eco Facts:

Fabric made from organic fibers which have been processed conventionally can be — and almost always are — full of residual toxic chemicals. Its production may have released literally tons of chemicals into the environment; its carbon footprint stinks and worker safety is suspect. But the Oeko-Tex 100 certification is your assurance that Kalama contains no residual chemicals of concern and is safe for an infant to use.

The Fabric Name:

Kalama, a small town in southwestern Washington State, was first settled by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, and its name means "pretty woman."

 Additional Uses

Drapery, scarves, summer blankets, apparel – make romantic drapes for your canopy bed.

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Over the years, Patty and Leigh Anne dedicated tons of time researching ethical and sustainable production—how it’s done, and what the implications are to us (and to all living things)  and to our planet.  They even put it in their mission statement, a goal “to change the way textiles are being made” – kind of a reach for such an upstart little company, right?